Gifted / IQ Evaluations

Gifted EvaluationThe purpose of gifted/IQ testing is to qualify for a “gifted” program, admission to specific schools or programs, or to better understand a child’s level of general cognitive abilities.

In order to qualify for a “gifted” program in public schools, a child must score at or above 130 on a standardized IQ test. Gifted testing involves (in most districts in Florida) the use of a standardized IQ test, usually the WISC-IV or Stanford Binet. This measure does not assess achievement, rather, overall cognitive abilities. If necessary, a separate achievement test will be administered. Included in this testing are suggestions on how to choose the best educational style and program for your child and how to help your child succeed in whichever program suits his/her needs the best.

However, a child’s cognitive abilities can increase or decrease substantially between the ages of 5 and 11. Knowing where your child’s strengths and weaknesses lie can assist you in tailoring his educational and home environment to maximize his intellectual development. This is important to remember, because although IQ tests measure general cognitive ability, there are many other facets of intelligence not measured by these evaluations, such as emotional intelligence and creativity. Additionally, many studies point to increased performance on IQ with proper early intervention.