Survey – ADHD in Adults

Adults may also be diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. Tests to evaluate adult ADHD are similar to those used for children but are compared to adult norms. Individualized neuropsychological tests and assessments are determined based on specific needs of the client.

Take this survey to see if you may have adult ADHD/ADD.

  1. Do you have difficulty listening to others?
  2. Do you interrupt often?
  3. Do you forget what you were going to say in a conversation if you wait until it is your turn to talk?
  4. Do you find yourself “zoning out” or “drifting away” in conversations, at work or with others?
  5. Do you have difficulty in your job?
  6. Do you have a hard time getting organized?
  7.  Do you procrastinate?
  8. Are you often late?
  9. Do you fidget or shake your leg, tap fingers or hum often?
  10. Do you have a hard time changing topics once you have started?
  11. Do you forget things you have just read?
  12. Do you get angry easily but forget your anger easily?
  13. Do you get over arguments quicker than most people?
  14. Do you have a hard time remembering phone numbers, names, etc. unless you write them down?
  15. Do you lose your keys often?
  16.  Do you keep a structure of where to put things, schedule carefully and get upset if someone upsets your “routine”?
  17. Do you have a poor driving record?
  18. Have you had any serious injuries?

If many of these symptoms and signs pertain to you as an adult, you may have ADHD. Treatment may include cognitive therapy to learn compensatory mechanisms, cognitive retraining to improve executive functions, medication or a combination of the above. Only the appropriate testing can accurately diagnose ADD/ADHD.